Events at the Imperial Bar, Bangor

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Events at the Imperial Bar, Bangor

Post by Christopher on Sun Apr 06, 2008 12:04 pm

2009 Events

January Tuesday 6th 21.30 Admission: 2.50

February Tuesday 3rd 21.30 Admission: 2.50

March Tuesday 3rd 20.00 Admission: 2.50

April Tuesday 7th 20.30

May Tuesday 5th 20.30

June Tuesday 2nd 20.30 Admission: 2.50

July Tuesday 7th July 20.30 Admission: 2.50

The Pontiax

Venue: The Imperial Bar, Central Ave, Bangor

The Blues Jam provides a platform for musicians of all ages and abilities.
Go along n jam with The Pontiax or go and relax and join the ever growing crowd. Get in early.


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