An Opportunity of a Lifetime

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An Opportunity of a Lifetime

Post by Christopher on Fri May 23, 2008 10:22 am

I heard a record prioducer on the Gerry Anderson programme on Radio Ulster this morning. I posted a message to him mentioning the some Irish websites and have been asked to post this on his behalf.


Grammy Award winning producer is seeking a new artist for an opportunity of a lifetime!

Requirements Include:

Female Vocalist
Age range 18-25
Must have a sound like Paramore, Fly Leaf, Avril Lavigne with an EDGE

Looking for a SERIOUS rocker to front a band, and sing lead vocals on a newly recorded and produced record. If interested, please send the following information, and we will contact you
Contact information:
Myspace page/Web links:
Demo (if you have one):

contact us @


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