Turn your pc into a supersatellites tv

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Turn your pc into a supersatellites tv Empty Turn your pc into a supersatellites tv

Post by kiworldtech on Fri May 23, 2008 11:23 am

Would you like to be able to watch over 2000 worldwide channels with international channels on your pc just like a supersatellite tv? Be able to watch live entertainments,movies,news,adults,documentaries,comedy,childrens,sports(basketball,football,champions leagues,soccer,boxing..ect)...Easy-To-Use database delivering the newest technology right into your computer. It does not require extra hardware, Satellite Dish, or other equipments. There are no subscription fee, no monthly fee, no hidden fee, Upgraded are free. Only one time cost $9.99 lifetime. This promotion is for a limited time only. Please visit www.mysatviewonpc.tv. for more details.




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