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Dragonfly Promotions events

Post by Christopher on Mon Aug 11, 2008 5:59 pm

Thursday 2nd October 10.00pm Admission: £4.00

Event: Mantic & Dynamo.

Venue: Auntie Annies, Dublin Road, Belfast BT27HN

Introducing the best in local music talent to Belfast’s new students and giving everyone else a chance to see some of the provinces most unbelievable live bands.

Headlining the phenomenally successful (and mightily huge) Mantic and the irrepressible blues rock that is Dynamo

With support from Electric Circus and Delirium Tremens
Dragonfly Promotions are Belfast's newest promotions company who aim to bring you the best in home-grown live musical and artistic talent, plus a whole host of bands from across the water. www.myspace.com/dragonflypromotions


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