Amnesty International Small Places Tour

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Amnesty International Small Places Tour

Post by Christopher on Thu Aug 14, 2008 5:20 am

The following are just a few of the ways artists and bands can become involved with the Small Places Tour and the work of Amnesty International. Nothing is too great or too small. Amnesty International just ask that you get involved:

• Designate a concert (or concerts) as a Small Places Tour event
• Donate all the proceeds from a concert
• Take part performing in a major Amnesty Hub Concert around the world
• Contact and recruit other artists to participate in Small Places events
• Auction off life experience events (have lunch with, get a guitar lesson from, win a pre-show sound check/acoustic performance for you and your friends, be band’s live photographer, etc.)
• Auction off one of a kind items (autographed set lists, autographed guitar/drum heads,etc from actual gigs, handwritten lyrics, personalized gold/platinum record awards
• Auction off meet & greets in each city of their tour
• Auction off premium seats for concerts during their fall tour
• Designate a single, live tracks, non-LP track or a collection of bonus tracks exclusive to Amnesty and donate the proceeds from any downloads of the song(s).
• Booths / tables at concerts and festivals. While this won’t raise immediate money it will help annual membership drive numbers.
• Website links and banner ads from the artists’ website myspace pages to the Amnesty site.
• Promote the UDHR 60th Anniversary & Amnesty campaigns in blogs and urge fans to sign-up.


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