1940s Swing Dance Night at Ollie's Nightclub

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1940s Swing Dance Night at Ollie's Nightclub

Post by Christopher on Fri Oct 31, 2008 8:19 am

Penguin People Promotions present

1940s Swing Dance Night
Ollie’s Nightclub at the Merchant Hotel
Every Tuesday Night from 8.00pm
Launch Night - 23rd September

The King of Swing, Mr Sijles Sinkovec, recently arrived from New York, New York, is starting a weekly Swing Dance Night in Ollie’s Nightclub at the Merchant Hotel every Tuesday night from 8.00 – 11.30 pm, starting on the 23 September.

Sijles, a world–class professional dancer, has teamed up with the prodigious Penguin People Promotions, and will be showing off his moves at the start of every session, coaching and coaxing novices into trying out the sassy steps. Guest DJs will swing their way through the evening, with a medley of music from the ‘40s and 50s, defying you not get those toes tapping!

‘My parents are both professional dancers’, explains Sijles, ‘so I guess I was just born with dance in my blood. I’ve tried all forms of dance but nothing switches me on like Swing! It’s fun, it’s flighty: you can do it with a partner, on your own, or as part of a group. It’s great exercise, and it’s suitable for people of any age. I also encourage the folk who come to my classes to dress the part – baggy trousers and braces for the blokes, forties style dresses for the girls – it all adds to the overall ambience of the evening.’

Ann McVeigh, one of the directors of Penguin People, added, ‘I have two left feet, but having tried dancing with Sijles, even I managed to strut my stuff in Swing style. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I feel it could take over from Salsa, as the steps are easier to learn, but the exercise and fun factor are even higher.’

If you are interested in trying Swing out for yourself, come along to Ollie’s Nightclub at the Merchant Hotel on Tuesday, 23 September, at 8.00pm. Admission is £5 (including lessons).

For more info, check out the Penguin People website at http://www.penguinpeople.co.uk


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