Events at the Merchant Hotel

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Events at the Merchant Hotel

Post by Christopher on Fri Dec 12, 2008 8:03 pm

Every Tuesday Night from 8.00pm

Ollie's Nightclub

1940s Swing Dance Night

Every Thursday Night from 8.00pm

Penguin People Presents Decade-A-Dance .

8.00-9.00pm The Forties
9.00-10.00pm The Fifties
10.00-11.00pm The Sixties
11.00pm-12.00pm The Seventies
12.00-1.00am The Eighties

Penguin People Promotions condense five decades of great music into five hours with just one rule: one hour for each decade. From Eight to nine, relive the fabulous big band sounds of Benny Goodman, Glen Miller and the legendary Louis Armstrong: Nine to ten the Fifties gives us Buddy Holly, Elvis and rockin’ round the clock: Ten to eleven brings the Sixties with everything from the Beatles through Hendrix, the Stones, Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash: Eleven to twelve and the Seventies see the arrival of Jamaican reggae, the super-groups such as Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, and the appearance of punk with the Pistols and the Clash: Twelve o'clock the Eighties make an appearance with U2, Joy Division, New Order and Morrissey signaling the birth of the Manchester sound, while Madonna starts on her path to world domination, bringing us up to one o’clock with a few surprises to round off the evening and keep everyone on the dance-floor.

Venue: The Merchant Hotel, Waring Street, Belfast


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