An introduction to Belfast Forum

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An introduction to Belfast Forum

Post by Christopher on Thu Dec 25, 2008 6:38 pm

Belfast Forum, which has been online since November 2005, currently has a membership of 3,792 There are plenty of threads where you can have some craic, as well as looking at old photographs of Belfast. The site has some good entertainment on the Games board. Members are welcome to tell people a bit of Belfast's history from their own memories or from knowledge gained from books, old newspapers or links on the net. Members also have an opportunity to meet up with other Forum members for the occasional pint or maybe to give them a hand when they visit Belfast to do some research on their family tree. There's also a Genealogy board where members assist each other in finding their ancestors. One of the newest items on the Forum is the Calendar which provides details of what's on in Belfast and elsewhere in NI on the Calendar.


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