Bacchanal at the Black Box

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Bacchanal at the Black Box

Post by Christopher on Sun Mar 01, 2009 8:46 am

Tuesday 17th to Sunday 22nd March

Filthy Madonna presents the March Bacchanal

This is a week of nocturnal discourse, feasting, music, celebration, dress up and torch bearing revelry. Go along to this event and assemble under the protector of the Black Box Bacchus and exercise your Bacchanalian propensity to party.

This event feature: Radioactive Man, Kanji Kinetic, The Correspondents, Cashier No 9, Kasey Anderson, Burning Codes, John Shelly & The Creatures, NI Soul Troop, Vertigo Smyth, Nez, Messy Future, Chris Caul, Velma, Captain Kennedy, Our Krypton Son, Heliopause, Stuart Watson, Chris (Escape Act), Helen Sharpe, Pretty Ginger, Ria Maguire, Niall Harden, Pawet Bignall, Shameless Hussies, Paul Brown, Dolbro Dan and more.... See for details


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