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Post by Christopher on Tue Mar 10, 2009 12:10 pm

I'm posting this on behalf of Mark who runs this business ...

Why hire a handyman when you can call Hire My Hubby!

Hire My Hubby! is available to carry out all those odd jobs you just don't feel like doing. No job is too big or too small ...everything is possible
with Hire My Hubby! ... Hire My Hubby! will carry out day to day chores and any maintenance work required around your house. ...

Brick Paving, Collections, Decking, Deliveries, Fencing, General Repairs, Grass Cutting, Guttering Repairs, House Maintenance, Painting, Patios,
Power Washing, Removals, Secuirity, Sheds, Shopping, Site Clearance, Tiling, Transportation, Washing Bins and Window Cleaning

Contact today for all your day to day chores. If you feel like having a lazy day or can't get your husband to assist you ...
pick up the phone and call Hire My Hubby! on 077 2425 1208 or 078 5326 0900

Any Time ... Any Place ... Anywhere ... Hire My Hubby! is available seven days a week.


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