Musicians required to form a new band - Belfast area

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Musicians required to form a new band - Belfast area

Post by Christopher on Wed Dec 12, 2007 10:56 am

My friend Soo P has been been asked, on a few occasions, to play further afield than Belfast (as Soo says "to play at an international level"). She's extremely ambitious and is keen to oblige the people who have suggested this to her and, as the first step in achieving these ambitions, needs to get a new band together to play her style of music. She would like to contact musicians who would be able to rehearse at least once a week and also record some new tracks. Soo P would also like her band to play live gigs. If you live in the Belfast area please get in touch through her MySpace page (see the address below) or via a PM on where she has already posted a couple of messages seeking musicians.

The following positions need to be filled to get the band started ....

Backing vocalist; Instrumentalists ... Bass; Drums; Guitar ... electric and acoustic (Can anyone play both these instruments at the same time? Soo P would love to hear from musicians with such a gift); Keyboards and Percussion. Anyone else who may have a few ideas of other additions for such a band would be welcomed to get in touch at this early stage.

Check out Soo P's MySpace page which contains some songs from her debut album ...

Many thanks on behalf of Soo P.



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