Charities and other groups seeking used postage stamps

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Charities and other groups seeking used postage stamps

Post by Christopher on Wed Apr 01, 2009 9:18 pm

7th Heaven Stamp Appeal, Moira,8824.0.html

New Life Parrot Rescue, Cambridgeshire

Orangutan Foundation UK

RNIB Stamp Recycling

St Patrick's Parish Church, St Patrick's Avenue, Downpatrick

The Italian Greyhound Rescue Stamp Collection

Instructions for anyone collecting used stamps for charity ...

Please leave approximately 1cm of envelope bordering each stamp.
The rest of the envelope can be discarded (which will make it cheaper to send).

Please separate the stamps into:
1) British
2) Overseas

Note: The value of a stamp does not matter, so 1p stamps can be grouped together with 1 stamps.


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