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Post by zombi music promotions on Wed Apr 22, 2009 6:27 pm

Saturday 23rd May Zombi music and Craic pipe promotions present: Psychedelic festival! Featuring all ages gig, drum circle, early show gig and Late show in Laverys from 2pm - late adm 5 in. Fancy dress is encouraged!

All ages 2pm features - In the name of// Bandwagon// Tapasia// Laverys Bunker// Admission 5!

Early show 8pm features - In the name of// Tapasia// Electric Circus// Rainbow Corner// Laverys Bunker// Admission 5 with free entry into Psychedelic Circus.

Psychedelic Circus 10 pm features - Black Sookie// Jack Change it// Sage// Laverys Attic// Admission 5

Also features circus entertainment, and Poi dancing.

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