Action Cancer - Davy Morgan Pink helmet badges

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Action Cancer - Davy Morgan Pink helmet badges

Post by Christopher on Mon Apr 27, 2009 7:44 pm

Davy, will this year have an association with Action Cancer, a major Cancer Charity in Northern Ireland, in particular the "Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign". He will be helping to promote the charity by having the charity's "Pink Ribbon Logo" on his helmet, leathers and race bikes.

He has also set himself a challenge to raise at least 700, to allow at least ten women to receive breast scans.

To assist Davy in this, the 'Davy Morgan #71 Road Racing Supporters Club' has purchased badges featuring Davy's famous Pink Helmet, and they will be donating 1 from each badge sold to Davy's Challenge, so please buy a badge. You will not only be supporting Davy but also will be supporting a very important cause. To view the badge or join the Supporters Club visit Davy's website


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