THE LUCHAGORS (feat. WWE's LITA!) - Belfast, July 8th '09

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THE LUCHAGORS (feat. WWE's LITA!) - Belfast, July 8th '09 Empty THE LUCHAGORS (feat. WWE's LITA!) - Belfast, July 8th '09

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Defiance! presents...
(feat. Amy Dumas, better known as ex-WWE Superstar Lita)

THE LUCHAGORS (feat. WWE's LITA!) - Belfast, July 8th '09 Lucha //

The Luchagors are a DIY punk band from Atlanta, Georgia who are fronted by Amy Dumas. You might recognise Amy, she wrestled as Lita in the WWE. Amy was an influential force in women's wrestling in ECW and the WWE over the past decade. Amy is also the host of PunkRockAlypse - a punk rock radio show on Project961 Atlanta. Alongside Amy are Shane Morton on guitar, Jay Leslie Hedberg on bass and Racci Shay Hart on drums.

Influenced by a wide range of punk and metal legends like 7 Seconds, Lunachicks, Bad Brains, Minor Threat, Jawbreaker, Descendents, Avail, Misfits, Thin Lizzy, Alice Cooper, The Dwarves, The Stooges, The Damned, Iron Maiden and Naked Raygun.. The Luchagors bring the same old school energy that the DIY legends strived for.

The Luchagors formed in the summer of 2006 and started playing gigs in and around Atlanta. Amy and Shane co-write all of the band's songs. The Luchagors independently released their self titled debut album, which was produced by Rachel Boland of Skid Row, in September 2007. Since the release of the album, the band has already completed three US tours, a tour of Mexico and one of Europe. So far, The 'Gors have shared the stage with many great bands including Circle Jerks, The Unseen, A Wilhelm Scream, Bouncing Souls, Nashville Pussy, Street Dogs and Skid Row.

The Luchagors definitely have DIY ethics; they don't have a roadie or tour manager, it's just them out on tour doing it all: driving the van, lugging gear around, performing, selling their merch and hanging out with their fans after the show.

(**first gig since November 08!**)

THE LUCHAGORS (feat. WWE's LITA!) - Belfast, July 8th '09 DangerfieldsPROMOFORSPZ //

The Dangerfields are a rock 'n' roll band from Belfast, Northern Ireland. Formed in March 2000, they have been raging across the UK and Europe since then. Founding member Andrew Griswold is the man with the plan: tough, tenacious, and one of the few singers on the planet who can front a band from behind a drum kit. He's joined by Newcastle-born Jamie Delerict a gonzoid dude with bass strings for fingers and Jasper Vincent, who plays the guitar just like he's wringing a neck.

Famous fans include Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden who has twice interviewed the band for his BBC 6 Music Rock Show, and invited them to appear with him onstage in Belfast Jake Burns of Stiff Little Fingers, who recruited the DFs to open SLF's 30th anniversary tour in 2007 and Jerry Only of the Misfits.

As they rampage towards their 1,000th live performance show number 666 took place on June 6, 2006 the Dangerfields refuse to burn out or fade away. The Dangerfields have shared the stage with the Dwarves, the Supersuckers, Nashville Pussy, Zeke, Therapy?, Less than Jake, Flogging Molly and, oddly, Snow Patrol. They've performed with more reunited punk bands than you can shake two fingers at, and even played a few gigs at the Norwich pub owned by serial killer Steve Wright.

The group's on-tour antics are the stuff of minor legend. One former bassist ransacked a marina in southern England and spent a week in jail. Another was mugged by an underage hooker, leaving the band broke and begging in the Scottish Highlands. An ex-guitarist became a porn actor, then OD'd and died.


THE LUCHAGORS (feat. WWE's LITA!) - Belfast, July 8th '09 GACYSPROMO

Having played their first set of gigs in Belfast, landing support slots with the mighty Cancer Bats, Fucked Up, August Burns Red, and then playing alongside Horse the Band as part of a Hungarian tour, Gacys Threads are here to stay!

THE LUCHAGORS (feat. WWE's LITA!) - Belfast, July 8th '09 Luchagors_europeNEWPOSTERWI



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