CD by International artists for Alzheimer's Ireland

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CD by International artists for Alzheimer's Ireland

Post by Christopher on Fri May 08, 2009 1:55 am

The "Forget me not" Compilation CD is now been launched and is available to buy online

Forget Me Not International Singers & Songwriters Support Alzheimer's Ireland.


Below is a list of those involved and the songs they have donated.

Kari Lynn - Strange World
Edward 'Teddy' Mikalski - Campari Girl
Mary Kathleen Burke - My Scotsman And Thee
Lynne Butler and Peter Fallowell- Thinking Bout Love
Julian 'Jules' Wilson and Johnny Hoeve - These Blues
Eamon O Maonaigh - Island Girl
Penni McLaren Walker - The Traveling Man
Charlotte Ryerson- Slipping Sideways
Shiregreen - Freedomfighter
Graham Hendry - You Set The Night On Fire
Sheedyfrost - Refugee
Leprechaun Water - Gravel Walk
Nick Barnes - Throwing Stones
jiva - Some Way Home
Paul Thomas and Guitavio - Will Ye Nay Come Back Billy Boy
Mark Whitmore - Forget And Forgotten
Few Broth - The Aad Days
John Scullion - Belfast
Whipstaff - Beggars Litany
Mick Dunne - You Don't Know My Name
John Twist - Carousel
George Papavgeris - Memory
Landermason - All Roads
Paul Dunn and Marie-Claire Calvet - If You Could Hear Me Now
Penny Priest - What Dreams May Come
Terry Mostyn - Way Of The World


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