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Post by BelfastDJs on Fri Aug 02, 2013 1:45 pm

Email to today

I called to cancel my Sky subscriptions in February or March of this year as I wanted to avail of your competitor, Virgin's offer. I was offered a good discount for 12 months making my bill for Sky TV, Broadband and Talk equal to 20 per month. Prior to being offered this your sales or retention staff said 'first we're going to give you Sky Movies free for a month, OK?' then transferred me to another advisor. At no time did he advise that I had to give you notice to cancel Sky Movies or I would be charged. The next advisor made the agreement above for 12 months at 20 and we left it at that. I called to query whether I had to cancel the Sky Movies and was told that I was 2 days late, but the advisor stated that she would get a credit on my account to ensure I wasn't charged, and if she could not, that she would ring me back. Neither the discount nor the call transpired. I took the extra cost of Sky Movies on the chin, and let it slide. I have looked at all my bills since and all the discounts I was promised have not been applied, my billing price went back to the standard price before the call. I called this evening and spoke to a gentleman in your call centre who assured me that he would sort these issues out, he was silent for long periods then the phone went dead - disconnected tone. I am going to submit an indemnity claim for the direct debits taken in breach of our agreement and will be taking up your competitors offer forthwith. Since you are in breach of our agreement I do not believe I am required to give you a months notice. You will find my Direct Debit mandate has been cancelled. I will be submitting a Data Subject Access Request to obtain a copy of the call. I will gladly take this to court if you wish, and will be sharing my experience online and with all my friends and family and with everyone and anyone who will listen. Yours sincerely, S D Anderson.


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