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Post by Christopher on Tue Jan 20, 2009 7:30 pm

Frock Around The Clock is pleased to announce that the Siobhán Pettit Jazz Quartet will be playing at the next Northern Ireland Vintage Fair on 15th February 2009, at the Wellington Park Hotel, Belfast.

The Jazz Quartet will be playing four sets of one hour, beginning when the fair opens at 10.30am and ending at 3.30pm, allowing you time to gather up all your purchases and say your goodbyes to the fabulous people before the fair closes at 4pm.

The Jazz Quartet will be providing a repertoire of sounds from the 1920s to the 1950s, with vocals provided by Siobhán Pettit, so you can enjoy the full vintage experience of music and the fab vintage goodies on sale.

Please spread the good word to anyone you know who loves vintage - whether it be the clothing, the lifestyle, the music or the whole caboodle. Please encourage them to join our free mailing list, as our free newsletter has now also been launched.

The Frock Around the Clock team hope to see you on 15th February!


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