Lavora Marketing - Google Ads Rant/Warning

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Lavora Marketing - Google Ads Rant/Warning Empty Lavora Marketing - Google Ads Rant/Warning

Post by Admin on Thu Jul 09, 2009 11:53 am

OK folks this is for your information in case you ever hear from these people selling Google Ads.

My personal opinion - avoid this organisation like the plague.

I got a sales call, took out an ad with them - rolling contract on a monthly basis.

After a short while it was clear it was doing my business no good whatsoever, not one email or phone call was generated.
So I emailed them, as their answer phone message encourages you to do, to request that the account be closed and ad cancelled.
I got no response to the email, or follow up emails asking why I hadn't heard from anyone. So I rang, and I was told that a junior member of staff had accidentally deleted my email and had been spoken to. This person offered me improvements to my ad and discounts, I agreed to try it out.
Again a couple of months proved this ad was as useful as a chocolate tea pot, I got no emails or calls as a result of the ad. So I emailed them on 24 May about cancelling. I got no response, I did later receive a further invoice though by Email. On 24 June I emailed again about cancelling and the invoice, and got no response. I did get a letter about the unpaid invoice though.
I Emailed again yesterday about the situation and the former emails.
I had to phone them today, and got told that to cancel I had to put the request in a letter to them, first I had heard of it. They also told me that they would not allow me to cancel the service until the unpaid invoice was paid.
What about my emails, did they get deleted by a junior member of staff? I was told they had emailed me back in May but they must have been having technical difficulties and it must have bounced - do we believe them?
I'll let you draw your own conclusions based on the facts above.


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Lavora Marketing - Google Ads Rant/Warning Empty Re: Lavora Marketing - Google Ads Rant/Warning

Post by WENDY HUNTER on Mon Mar 29, 2010 3:21 pm

I'm afraid that I too had a similar experience....never again!
Sorry to say, but I'm rather happy to find I was not the only one taken's so disappointing to find these people can practically steal ones money and there's little can be done about it.
Thank you for your honesty.

Best wishes


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