Belfast - T. S. Formidible - Sea Cadets

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Belfast - T. S. Formidible - Sea Cadets

Post by Christopher on Fri Feb 15, 2008 4:28 am

Belfast - T. S. Formidible - Sea Cadets

Andy J of the Palmerston Residents Associatian in East Belfast posted a lengthy article about Sydenham Youth Club & Belfast Sea Cadets on the Assiciation's website.

T.S. Formidable Sea Cadets have been in the East Belfast area since 1943 with the exception of the past three years when they have been meeting at Kinnegar Cadet Training Centre, Holywood whilst attempting to secure new premises in the East Belfast Area.

In late 2005 it became known that Sydenham Youth Club building had reduced numbers and due to required maintenenance work, was going to close. As this building was purposely built for youth, the cadets began negotiations with the BELB to try to acquire the building as Sea Cadet Training Centre. The cadets became aware of other difficulties which other community groups were having in the area and formed a partnership with the Inverary Community Group who stated an interest in having access to the building at certain times through the week for their work.

The Sea Cadets have certain funding in place but were told by a third party in October and by BELB in December that the BELB want 400,000 for the site. Refurbishment work required to the building is in the region of 150,000 with the removal of asbestos being a priority. The building has gone through the normal Government process of disposal and the cadets have been informed that they need a Government Department to 'Sponsor' their interest to secure the building.

The Palmerston Residents Association feel that as the building is going to be used predominantly for Youth, the reason the building was constructed in the first place, that some sort of conclusion could have been brought by BELB to allow the Sea Cadets to acquire the building at a preferential rate and for the Sea Cadets to refurbish it and open it as a Cadet Training Center and for use of local community groups.

The Sea Cadets do not have the amount that BELB are insisting upon and have been told that a Housing Association wants the site to place six apartments onto it. The Residents Association feel that it is vitally important that they raise the profile of this story amongst their supporters and members. The Sea Cadets have funding in place for refurbishment and a plan to make the hall available to community groups.


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