Titanic Apartments Paddywagon Tours

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Titanic Apartments Paddywagon Tours

Post by don@belfastdjs.com on Wed Jun 20, 2012 7:10 am

We would like to warn people about these companies.
First of all, they have placed a Pin on google places on my mothers address as the address of the apartments, and ignored our messages on their facebook page or Emails to request someone does something about it to stop poor unfortunate travellers arriving at my mothers house.
Second their reviews on Trip Advisor are very very bad - the people who run this version of Titanic Apartments - Paddywagon Tours appear to be badly organised, and seem to care very little about customer service - I'll let you read the reviews for yourself there.
It is worth noting that there are 2 organisations called Titanic Apartments in Belfast - 1 with good reviews and 1 with terrible reviews - you need to tell the 2 apart.
Hope this information is useful to someone planning to travel to Belfast.
Upper Lisburn Road is not where Paddywagon Tours or Titanic Apartments, their other business, is located, despite what you might find on Google.


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