Fra Donaghy helping Action Cancer

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Fra Donaghy helping Action Cancer

Post by Christopher on Tue Jan 13, 2009 4:27 pm

"A Better Place" is the first professionally recorded collection of songs from Belfast based singer-songwriter Fra Donaghy.

There is something for everyone on this CD. While it features predominantly folk music, you will also encounter rock songs and pop songs in the mix. Essentially you also get two albums for the price of one. The CD not only features all 10 tracks recorded at the London Music School (in the same room where Queen wrote Bohemian Rhapsody), but also a further 8 bonus home demo tracks.

The main strengths however are in the music itself. With influences from the 50s to the modern day shining through in the melodies and acute lyrical observations of the world around us presented honestly and without reservation, it is hard to listen and fail to find something to relate to in every track.

You can listen to a selection of tracks from the album, and you can purchase it via Fra's MySpace page. (Price quoted on MySpace includes P&P)

All profits go directly to Action Cancer.


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