Zombi Music Promotions

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Zombi Music Promotions

Post by Christopher on Sun Feb 15, 2009 2:25 pm

The events shown below take place at Lavery's Bunker

Sunday 15th March
Kellys Heroes// Under stars and gutters// Amberline// Doors 9pm // 3 in

Sunday 19th April
Thrones of Roll// Dynamo// Tommy Shots// The Dead Angels// Doors 8pm// 3 in

Sunday 17th May
ZOMBI JAM NIGHT - More info to come// Doors 9pm// 3 in

Sunday 21st June
Acts TBA// Doors 8pm// 3 in!

Sunday 19th July
Acts TBA// Doors 8pm// 3 in!

Sunday 16th August
Kobi// More acts TBA// Doors 8pm// 3 in!

Sunday 20th Sept
MONTY PYTHON NIGHT - Dress up as your favourite python character if you like... fancy dress is optional... no beatings will take place on those in normal dress! Doors 8pm// 5 normal dress// 2.50 in fancy dress!


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