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A thread for budding musicians Empty A thread for budding musicians

Post by Christopher on Tue May 05, 2009 10:00 am

Unconvention, an unconference, took place at the Black Box at the beginning of February. It is aimed at the grass roots of the music industry - bringing together musicians and industry professionals for conversation, inspiration and collaboration. Listen to the interviews with Phil Ellis, Michael Fuller and Jonny Davis as well as the team from Fat Northern Records and learn about opportunities that may be available for you in the music industry if you're an unemployed person with an interest in music. www.muzu.tv/unconvention/phil-ellis-armstrong-learning-music-video/139080

Online Tuition. Keep your eye on the Francis McPeake School of Music website. THis is a school that's moving with the times and in view of the current technology advances - and considering the future - this Bellfast based School of Music aim to rise to the challenge and provide tuition...ONLINE! http://www.francismcpeake.com/learn.php?learnonline


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